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socially speaking

Yes, I have a long weekend this weekend. It started as soon as I left work yesterday and will end when I walk into work on Tuesday. Super freakin' awesome!

I love Facebook. Right now it's a place for me to play Mafia Wars and reconnect with folks from some yesterdays as well as family I might not see so often. And I'm glad a lot of the people I adore and such are on Facebook now as opposed to MySpace. Nothing against MySpace, but the glitzy manner of it just turned me off.

Whilst at Best Buy yesterday, I received a "confirmed friend request" from Facebook. (Love the Facebook app!) I checked it out, of course, and was pleasantly surprised to see Scott Levy's name! I immediately confirmed, of course. He's someone I met at the Pasadena convention in 2001. surabufix remembers him. You can read about my first encounter with him here and see more pictures here. After adding him, I status updated:

"I like when I'm found online and get to reconnect. Nice!"

When I got home I checked out his profile page, uploaded the one picture I have with him, then commented on his page. In that order, I think? I remember him as being such a sweet fella when we met him. He talked with me and Lisa during the convention. I think we asked about his tattoos and stuff. After that convention, I posted my convention report and photos and one of the other guys from that day emailed me and later Scott did as well. I tell ya, so nice! He was on MySpace for a bit, then disappeared and I was a little sad. So when I received that Facebook alert, I was happy. I'm easy like that. lol!

Oh, and when I woke up this morning, I had a wall comment from him and Greg! I haven't heard from Greg in ages. Awwww. :)

I must confess, I'm still on a NKOTB giddy fangirl high. I thought I had it under control until my niece emailed a bunch of us and said she wanted to go to the concert and wondered if anyone wanted to go. My cousin and I both emailed her and told her we were going and she could hitch a ride with us. ;) Here's the thing, she's the one who met them the last time they were in the Bay Area. If she can somehow get that hook up again, I will be by her side. I won't get my hopes up,but omigosh, what if I got to meet New Kids on the Block?! I could erase my single regret (not saying hello to Jordan this one time at McDonalds). The thought of actually maybe meeting them makes me a little crazy. As if I weren't crazy enough.

Three of the NKOTB crew is on Twitter! And guess what, I'm following all of them. No big surprise, I know. There's Donnie, Jonathan, and Joey. I wish the other two would just join already. The crazy but gentle stalker in me so pines away for it. lol!

Tonight is the A's game. I'm excited! The home opener. Yah! The good camera goes with me today, along with the zoom lens. Rockin'!
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