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Pitchers and catchers report!

First, a poem off the top.

In between heartaches
the sun shines brighter
the moon glows fuller
the air cools quicker
with such beauty to the eye

In between falling tears
smiles spread easy
laughter rings fast
words whisper gentle
with such sweetness to the ear

In between us
eyes never meet
hands never touch
dreams never share
with meaning to the heart

Omigosh, pitchers and catchers officially report tomorrow! I'm so psyched! Baseball season is heading our way. What could be more wonderful?! :D Soon, Moonlit Jazz will be alive with baseball scores and musings. I'll probably keep my LJ free of baseball stats and such. Or maybe it will spill over to this place. We'll see. ;)

I had an interview today. Good for me. LOL! It was all right. I don't think I'm exactly a good fit, but it sounds interesting. I hope I at least get a shot to interview with the actual company. Hmmm.

It actually rained today! And I drove in it. Ick. After my interview, the hubby and I had lunch at Chevy's (mmm, fajita burrito). After a brief rest at home, the puppy and I headed out for her vet appointment. Can I just say that Holli is a good traveling dog? Well, she is! She just sits there and eventually falls asleep. She also slept while we watched at the vet office. She got two shots (and yelped for both of them) and that was that. I checked on the old house and headed back home. Such was my day.
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