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spin me a tale

spin me a tale
distant and dark
from the dreary
the gloom so sudden
spin me a tale
a hero at heart
a love untouchable
loyalty tested
adventure at every turn
spin me a tale
enthralling from the start
almost tangible to touch
even as time drifts
stripping memories by layers

Seriously, I watch a lot of tv I think. lol! We caught up on a couple of shows today.

BETTER OFF TED - Ted brought his daughter Rose to work and Veronica put her to work firing people. The hazmat alarms kept going off while Phil and Lem argued on who was the boss. Ted and Linda finally kissed, be it with the hazmat suits on. It's a funny show, but the kind that you watch in passing or something. It goes by fast, that's for sure. Veronica is funny and I like Ted. I'll probably keep watching it but won't be upset if it faded from the line up. :P

CASTLE - Beckett investigates the body of a frozen woman. Even when the end is obvious, she still can't let it go and eventually finds the truth. The episode had its laughs (the reference to Sleepless in Seattle made me giggle) and it had it's deeper parts (Beckett's reveal of her mother's murder). Like I said before, I love the chemistry between Beckett and Castle and I hope they never get together during the course of the show. The banter is just too delicious. Oh, and I love Nathan Fillion! :)

MY BOYS - I admit, I was reluctant with this show, but it's grown on me. I just love the idea of a gal who's friends with guys and plays poker with them. I wish I was like that. lol! Anyhoo, this episode has PJ & Bobby trying to keep their relationship on the down low but the boys figure out that she must be dating someone. In the end, of course, PJ & Bobby tell their friends and endure the inappropriate questions and comments before settling back into the usual poker routine. Fun show.

The A's are on now, leading 3-2 but the Angels have two on with two outs. Ugh! Come on Trevor Cahill, get this guy out!
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