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evidence that I watch lots of tv

Right now the A's/Angels game is on. We don't have HD because AT&T U-Verse hasn't seen fit to add the CSNCA-HD to their lineup. I'm disappointed, U-Verse, I'm disappointed.

Of course, the freakin' Angels just scored. Bastards.

Caught up on two more shows this past weekend, CASTLE and LIFE.

CASTLE - I have to say, I love seeing Nathan Fillion on TV. I think this is really the first show of his that I've sat to watch. I still remember him on One Life to Live. Anyhoo, this past week's episode was another good one. Even though I think they're awesome together, I hope Castle and Beckett don't ever get together. It would just not be as fun to watch. If the show is going to end, then yes, hook them up! But until then, keep them apart and bickering. It so rocks. I like how the show goes round and round, letting you think you know the answer, then going the other way. And Nathan Fillion is wonderful.

LIFE - Another show I really enjoy. I like Gabrielle Union's character, but I miss Sarah Shahi! I know she's pregnant and all of that, so she can't be on the show too much, but darn it, I miss Reese's smartass ways versus Crews' Zen calm. I miss it! I liked the end of this ep and how it's leading to the next episode. Yah!

I think I should take notes when I watch my shows to better yap about them. lol!

Looks like it's just appearing
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