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the first moment when

I don't remember when
the first moment when
somehow I just knew
somehow this was right
I just can't remember when
the very first moment when
you wrapped yourself around
you just kept coming around
I don't need to remember when
that certain moment when
surrender seemed so easy
saying yes was just so easy
I don't remember when
the first moment when
somehow this was right
somehow I just knew

Once more I'm here listening to Westlife while waiting for midnight. It's going to be awhile so perhaps I should write about something.

I'm trying not to be super anxious about the concert. After all, it's not until freakin' July. I certainly can't sustain a high level of excitement for that long. LOL! Still, I'm totally stoked that we're going. NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!!! lol!

My sister will be here in June!!! Just for a couple of days. I'll get to see her baby bump. She still hasn't sent any pictures of herself. I've nagged asked many times. Oh well, I'll just have to take LOTS of pictures when she's here. ;)

I've decided that I'm going to bring my dslr to next week's A's game. I'm going to bring my big lens, so hopefully I get some rockin' photos.

Spoilers? Only if you haven't watched the latest episode.

DOLLHOUSE - The latest episode was pretty good! I really loved the beginning with Echo and Ballard. I don't really mind when they get him (Tahmoh Penikett) shirtless. It's fine with me, really. I was expecting a bit more from the episode as far as Echo and company really breaking out. I wonder if the "inside" person who's trying to help Ballard added something in Echo's imprint that led to her calling him. I'm duly intrigued... I liked how Victor just really likes Sierra. And poor Mellie (November?)! I wonder if she really likes Ballard or if it's just her programming.

I don't know what it is but I'm just not totally gung-ho about this season of baseball. Maybe it's just the current downside of the times. Maybe it's the fact that I don't know about a lot of the players on the A's. Or maybe it's even the uncertainty of where the A's are going to end up in the future. I've decided that I shouldn't read anything in the news because everyone has some kind of angle that just ends up frustrating me. I wish the A's could stay in Oakland, get a new stadium, and win the World Series again. Yes, that's what I want.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I were a Giants fan because of that damn beautiful ballpark. I love AT&T Park. It's amazing and belongs to a city I appreciate more and more as time passes. But I'm an A's fan and I can only wish that Oakland will do the right thing by the team. I doubt it will happen. Alas.

Just a few more minutes until midnight. Then I'm posting this. ;)

saffy close up
Saffy up close
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