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New Kids on the Block will be here in the Bay Area on July 9th at the Sleep Train Pavilion in Concord. My cousin and I are going!!!


We will be happily sitting in section 202, row FF. WOOHOO!!! This will be my first New Kids concert in about 18 years or so? Something INSANE like that. Who knew that these boys would come back so strong? I LOVE their album, The Block. It's mature and fun and pulsing and HOT. It's not a re-telling of their early days, it's the next step and I just love it. I keep saying that, don't I?

Anyhoo, I woke up a bit after 9am today and waited until 9:30 or so to call my cousin for her information. THANK GOODNESS she has an AMEX card. Today is actually the pre-sale day for tickets. And since her home computer is on the outs, I had to order the tickets. I was quite glad to do it. After we talked a little, I waited for 10am. The webpage was ready for refresh and I was anxious.

Finally, 10am! I had to refresh the page twice before the "buy tickets" link showed up. I clicked on it and in under five minutes I had the order confirmation in my in-box.


I'm going to bring my camera, of course. I'm almost tempted to bring the camera that has a better zoom, but I love my Sony too much to leave it behind. Plus I want to do video clips as well and the Sony is rather superb. Actually, my Exilim does a great job with video clips but I dunno if I want to carry two cameras plus my phone and wallet? Hmmm, maybe I can get my cousin to carry a camera. lol! And what to wear? It's probably going to be very warm. Hopefully it's not icky warm.

I'll probably take that day and the next day off. I'm even thinking that would be a good week to take off. lol!

Thank you cousin!!! We are going to have so much fun!!!
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