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This time next week I will be on my way home from the baseball game. Or maybe I'll already be home? In any case, this time next week I will have taken my first taste of the baseball season. And I feel so ill-prepared! I don't know most of the A's players. I read that we could be a dark horse contender but when I see the names out there, I think to myself, "Who?" What kind of baseball fanchick am I?

Caught up on some shows this evening.

CUPID - A "reboot" of a defunct show from 1998. I never watched the 1998 version (though I had intended to) so I can't compare it to this new version. I liked it! I thought it was silly and cute and I will probably watch it again unless it gets in the way of one of my other shows.

ELEVENTH HOUR - This ep saw Agent Young in peril and Dr. Hood trying to stay one step ahead of the FBI. I hope this show comes back! HARPER'S ISLAND starts next week in its timeslot and that show is 13 eps. So where does that leave ELEVENTH HOUR? (I'm going to watch HARPER'S ISLAND because I love mysteries. lol!)

LIE TO ME - I love this show. Tim Roth rocks! And this ep about young girls committing suicide showed us another side to his Lightman character. I figured out the woman in the old home movie that he was watching before the reveal. Awesome! ;)

I watch way too much television, eh?

Work was all right today. By three thirty it was just me and the a/p gal. Could you blame us for not really wanting to do much work? LOL! It wasn't so bad. I encouraged her leave when I did because it would have been weird otherwise. :P

NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!!! I'm going to buy our tickets tomorrow. My cousin and I are going! She's excited about it. lol! I'm excited too. I hope we get good seats. Thank goodness she has the credit card that allows us to get the tickets early. I'm hoping for good seats. Actually, I think I'll just be happy with seats in general. As nice as the lawn is, the seats are better. lol! The last time I was at the Concord Pavilion was Ygnacio Valley High School's 2007 graduation. Crazy! Anyhoo, even though the concert isn't until July, I'm stoked! LOL!
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