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inspiration slips so fast

as each day passes
inspiration slips so fast
leaving emptiness

CSI's 200th ep - "Mascara"

I'm not sure what to say about this episode. At one point I wanted to say, "Hey, where's Nick?" and then he appeared in the next scene. And you know, I always love to hear the Spanish words come out of his mouth. This episode reminded me very much of the "Snakes" episode. The parallels are striking-- the girl working on a story of sorts and getting killed when she gets too close. The mysticism aspect appeared in both episodes. There are differences, of course. "Snakes" was Nick heavy (and in fact the episode that made me realize, hey, I really like Nicky) whereas "Mascara" was Ray heavy. And the pace of "Mascara" was different. Seemed less focused in some respects in the CSI part of the investigation. It was a good Ray episode, however, and showed us a rather deadly affect of his career change. Or that's how he was seeing it, I think.

On the other hand, I'm so glad it's Friday! What does the day have in store for me? I like that I've already written my poem of the day. lol!
Tags: csi, poetry
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