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dazzled by the stars

feel the touch of night
cool and sweet upon the skin
dazzled by the stars

I didn't read a lot of stuff online yesterday because I wasn't sure what was real and what was an April's Fool thing.

Omigosh, LOST! What can I say without spoiling? Umm, it's always good to see Nestor (Richard Alpert). His character, as the hubby says, is the most mysterious one of the show. And personally, I love it!

LOST thoughts with possible spoilers if you haven't watched it already...

  • I think Kate did the right thing giving Aaron up to his grandmother. Oh, and was I the only thought it might have been Claire with Aaron in the grocery store? Maybe it was a way of telling Kate she needed to do the right thing by Aaron. But seriously, did she go back to the island to find Claire? I find it hard to believe she didn't have some other motive.

  • LOVED how Miles was trying to explain time travel to Hurley. lol! And poor Hurley, just couldn't get it through his head.

  • I knew little Ben couldn't die but I didn't realize that it would be the Others who would help him. I just love the Richard Alpert character. He so rocks. He knows things and he doesn't. How does he do it? And if he doesn't answer to the "leaders" of the Others, who does he answer to? (Did you catch the line about him not answering to Ellie or Widmore?)

  • Ohhhhh, the Temple.

I can't wait until next week!!!
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