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I should be writing a story...

It's amazing how much blogging I'm doing now that the baseball season has started.  I guess it's a combination of 1) I'm not working, 2) I'm a baseball freak chick!  ;)  Oh, and my A's have won their first two games.  They are at this moment down 2-0 against the Texas Rangers.  Barry Zito is on the mound.  I have faith in him?  Okay, I do.

I had a dream about Mark Mulder and Barry Zito.  I was at a street fair (yeah, because I go to those all the time... NOT!) and some of the players were there.  I spotted a fellow A's fan and we then spotted Mulder.  I wanted a picture with him, so I gave my camera to my fellow A's fan and I cornered Mulder.  He was sitting at a table and I remember thinking that I should sit on his lap.  LOL!  Just as my friend was going to take the picture, Zito joined us.

Alas, no picture.  Which I suppose is fine since it was just a dream.  LOL!

And instead of lj-ing, I should be writing one of my stories.  I started on my baseball story again even though I had started a jail story.  Frustrating!!!

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