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it's good to cry sometimes

My Friday went like this:

  • I woke up late. I meant to wake up 49 minutes earlier than I actually did, yet I wasn't late for work. Does this mean I wake up too early when I wake up on time?

  • We only worked four hours and it was glorious. Of course, someone just had to walk in three minutes before I was supposed to lock the door. Thank goodness they left before the clock hit 12 noon.

  • I watched a little of the memorial service for the Oakland Police officers who were killed. More on that later.

  • [rant on]On Twitter, I unfollowed this jackass after reading his opinion on Twitter. Dude, if you think it's silly and dumb, why the hell are you using it? And no one thinks Twitter is "pathway to spiritual enlightenment." It's just for FUN and randomness. Don't like your music, thought you might be amusing to read, but now I realize I should have just gone with my gut and passed on getting your tweets. If you think it's silly and dumb, then stop using it. Oh no wait, you have to keep in touch with your fans, so you must bring yourself down to using this rather interesting method of communication. As for the people who actually like twitter (like me), I don't think we're going to deny that we've enjoyed it thus far in five years. I can only hope that people like you haven't ruined it for any of us. I have more respect for people who say that they don't get Twitter and won't use it because of that than people who use Twitter but put it down to look like high and mighty jackasses. [rant off]

  • When I got off work, the husband and I ran some errands then went to Digger's for lunch. I had a delicious bacon cheeseburger. The restaurant was hoppin' and playing groovy 70s tunes. Nice.
    Bacon cheeseburger
    Artwork at Digger's

  • After lunch we headed to the Sunshine Saloon in Pleasanton for some Sweet Sixteen action. I had two beers and didn't mind it at all. LOL!
    Beer at Sunshine Saloon More beer

  • Alas, Syracuse lost. :( The rest of the games were all right. It was interesting being at a sports bar on a Friday night. Loud.

  • The crab sandwich was excellent!
    Crab sandwich

When we got home after the Sunshine Saloon, I watched the memorial for the Oakland PD officers. (I had the husband record it for me.) When I had watched a little bit at work, I almost started crying and I knew I should wait until I was at home to watch it. And while watching it, I cried a lot. It was so wonderful to see all those people there in support of these fine men. There were officers from all points of California and the United States. I even saw a group of Royal Canadian Mounties! How hard was it for all of them to be there, to listen to the friends and families of these officers, to imagine that this could be their end or the end of their own friends or family?

I cried because I know many people in law enforcement. I worked with many sheriff deputies, some who went on to other agencies. I have friends who are officers. I have family who serve and protect. So I cried for these fallen men, men who could have been someone I know. I cried for their families and their friends. I tried to find hope in the words spoken in their memories. I cried when their fellow officers spoke with broken voices.

I laughed a little too. The speakers had stories and memories that they shared, helping us look beyond the uniform and a little into the lives of these four men. And so there was joy and laughter too.

These four men led good, positive lives. They touched so many people, probably more than anyone can imagine. They were loved. And these men loved their families, their friends, their community, and their work. To them, their work was more than just a job, it was a duty they relished. And so they gave their lives to protect us all, doing what they loved to do.

I hope that some of the feelings of hope sink in and drive people to do good.  I hope that beyond giving their lives in the line of duty, the memories of these police officers remind us that there are those among us who do serve and protect for the greater good. 

May hope be their lasting legacy.
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