Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

sweet tweets

  • 23:28 LJ post - sweet tweets #
  • 06:36 @DonnieWahlberg Love to you, DW! What a great tweet in the morning. Just the way I like to start my day. lol! #
  • 08:52 @bitchtude I agree with @surabufix. gross! #
  • 09:01 @bitchtude yeah, that would have been a good thing. then maybe, just maybe, she would have seen how rude she was being. ugh! #
  • 09:05 @Surabufix bah! hopefully it's a nice day at least. sunny? :) #
  • 10:59 = hey my first 16 tweets. thanks to @nehalia for the link. #
  • 20:20 no CSI means more online playtime for me. hmmm, maybe i should write... #
  • 20:57 @sonecessary AWESOME!!! Thank you for sharing the video. WOW! Looks great and sounds great. And man, Journey! :D #
  • 21:23 @jopinionated I say give it a chance. we watched the second ep. not too bad. #
  • 21:37 LJ post - words stopped before speaking #
  • 21:41 Watching The Office. #
  • 22:35 Off to bed now. A night of sweet dreams to all of you! #
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