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NEVER EVER read the comments people leave behind on news articles. I don't know why I do it. But I do and am still amazed by the insensitivity and idiocy of the people who actually take the time write their horrible words for all to read.

I'm reading about yesterday in Oakland. Here and here.

Even though my time working in law enforcement ended five years ago (wow, it's been that long?), I still feel a certain connection with the people who work in it, especially in Alameda County. I still feel attached. I still worry about them. I still look for them when I'm in the county or when I'm watching the news. And I hold my breath when something has happened, as I did yesterday. What if I know the officers? Is my cousin's husband off duty? Which agencies are involved? These are the things going through my mind.

I'm sad for the officers who died yesterday and for the one is probably at the edge of the light. Did they believe their day would end as it did? Does anyone ever really think about the danger that these officers face every single time they pull someone over? They don't know what kind of madness they might encounter. How does a routine traffic stop turn into a gun battle with four officers down and one suspect dead? No, people who hate the police like to demonize them. They can't just be seen as people who are doing their jobs. I could never be a police officer. I don't have the guts to face everyday knowing this could be my last day. But I respect those who do and the part of me that prays always remembers them in prayers.

And I must say that Oakland really sickens me at present. The mentality of some of its citizens just makes me want to scream at the heavens and ask WHY. And HOW. Why do some of these people act the way they do? How can they believe that any justice is served when they act as they do? Why do people in this world need to believe that they are always the victim and never have any responsibility in what happens?

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