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Loveliness to all!

got this from surabufix and paulam569

take the WHAT BAD BOOK ARE YOU test.

and go to not as good as reading a good book, but way better than a bad one.

Yeah, never read it! ;)

I'm so behind on commenting. Maybe this weekend? LOL!

Springtime is coming
I can feel it on my skin
The gentle kiss
of sunshine
The soft caress
of the breeze
The trees are ready
to bloom their snowy blossoms
The day is ready
to stay longer than the night
But winter
keeps its chill hold
Even in the starlit night
or sunshine bright
Winter wants to live
its season strong
So the earth holds in
the glimpses of warmth
keeps the flowery colors
in memory
Soon, the word whispers,
Spring will be here soon...
Tags: poetry
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