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holding out my hand to you

nothing is easy
holding out my hand to you
patient and waiting

I woke up at my usual time, 6am on my clock. I could have taken another 30 minutes of sleep but I wanted to keep to my schedule a bit just for kicks. I love spring break and working the "summer" schedule. Even though I did my best to dilly-dally, I still got to work first.

Ahhh, the first day of Spring
I'm the only one "IN"!

We had a half day at work today, which was NICE. It went by quick enough, I suppose.

before after
Before & After at Chili's

Lunch at Chili's! I had the fajita quesadilla. It was yummy. I couldn't eat all of it. :P

game aisle at Best Buy

We wandered Best Buy for a bit. Was perhaps a little tempted by Grey's Anatomy season 3. Not sure. ;)

Then we came home, much to the relief of the dogs. They worry. Maybe?

dogs on the couch
dogs on the couch

Okay, off to play some Mafia Wars on Facebook! :D
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