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my dreams show me the world

my dreams show me the world
reveal truths reality would blind
my heart shows me the way
guiding me along the painful path
my soul gives me the strength
holds me when I can't breath
my love gives me the world
reminding me of its beauty

  • Okay, saw JDM's first ep of Grey's Anatomy. Nice. Not on screen long enough, but still nice.

  • I wonder what kind of voice I'll have tomorrow. Hope the phone doesn't ring too much.

  • Vizaweb, webhost to my domain, is sucking so hard right now. I'm beginning the move to my other webhost. When it's time to cut off from Vizaweb, I'm doing it. I just hope they keep my site up long enough for me to do it.

  • I'm a bit addicted to Mafia Wars on Facebook. Is that bad?

  • I'm also addicted to Lexulous and wish more of my FB friends played it.

  • I kinda wish I had taken more days off from work.

Tags: etc, poetry
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