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tidbits and random musings

  • We're going to Opening Night!!! I don't think I've mentioned it, so there it is. Lucky for me, I'm off that day. It's Good Friday and for some reason we have that day and the day after Easter off. It's a new and different thing but I'll take it. ;) Anyhoo, OPENING NIGHT!!! I'm debating on whether or not to take my dSLR. I should, right? I probably will.

  • I'm seriously enjoying Grey's Anatomy! I'm glad we have it on DVD. I wonder when we'll finish season 2. I like Izzie for some reason but my favorite character has to be Bailey. I love how she's a tough little thing.

  • So glad I took today off but feeling sad that I'm sick. Having the sniffles and this cough and a fun sick voice makes me tired. Bah.

  • I have 197 user icon slots and I've used all but one. I just filled up on JDM and Jensen Ackles icons. I know, right?

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