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swirling without end

there is nothing now
only emptiness around
swirling without end

I think I'm going to start moving to Vizaweb is sucks and has not answered my support ticket. It's been FOUR days. My site is still there, but it's not working the way it should. I just need to get everything moved over somehow. The hard part is going to be the Erik and Greg sites. ::sigh::

The A's/Giants game was on tv today. Woohoo! But while watching the game on this new station (CSNCA) we found out that the glorious HD games will not be shown on AT&T U-verse. WTH?! My A's finally get more games televised and I don't get to watch them in HD?! I'm hoping that U-verse comes to their senses and gets the HD feed. Otherwise I'll be very disappointed.

I sound crazy with this croaky voice. Just had to say. lol!
Tags: etc, poetry
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