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how can love be so fleeting

how can love be so fleeting
slipping away almost unnoticed
leaving heartache in its wake
sadness a blanket upon the soul
how can love be so fleeting
blazing such a fierce fire
leaving only ashes in its wake
sorrow crumbling in dust
how can love be so fleeting
drowning all the senses
leaving devastation in its wake
every breath stolen
how can love be so fleeting

new action figure on the right

I seriously think I'm turning into some kind of WATCHMEN fangirl. What the heck?!

Before dinner with the in-laws, we hit the comic book store. I love that place. I should have taken some pictures of the stuff they have there. Of course, they had WATCHMEN stuff. And of course I wanted Comedian things. And for some reason, everything Comedian was just a little bit more than the other characters. Take the action figure. The others were $15.99 but the one I wanted was $19.99. Is it the "exclusive variant" tag that makes it more expensive? Probably. Of course, I got it.


I also got the comic My Name is Bruce. Has anyone seen that movie? It's kinda silly but fun too. I actually liked the behind-the-scenes stuff. Anyhoo, a one shot comic came out and I saw it at the comic book shop. Neat! Maybe I'll bring it to work tomorrow. lol!

Dinner was filling! :) Applebee's.

dinner dinner

It sucks a little to have lost that hour, btw. The hubby has been totally screwed out of an hour of his birthday! WTH?!
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