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A good movie
showing off the button from WonderCon

But first, a couple of pictures...

Watchmen posters

tickets to the first show

We watched the first show of WATCHMEN today. The new theatre here, the Rave, ROCKS. Comfortable and spacious, it doesn't have that old movie theatre smell yet. Nice. A decent amount of folks were in the auditorium and just before the trailers ran, the manager (?) came in and welcomed us to the theatre. He warned us that WATCHMEN was indeed a rated R movie and as such contained violence and other graphic scenes that he wouldn't elaborate on. If any of the patrons were offended by the movie, they had one hour to get a full refund. After that, the theatre could only give out passes.

Short of it-- The movie is rated R and you've been warned.

I was hoping to see the Star Trek trailer, but I was disappointed. The only disappointment of sitting there, thank goodness. ;)

The movie. Wow! It was as advertised and it ROCKED! I'm with bitchtude, I would watch it again. And Jeffrey Dean Morgan did a great job as the Comedian. He was as brutal on screen as he was on the page. Yowsa! Well played, JDM, well played. The rest of the cast was fantastic as well. Jackie Earle Haley was awesome as Rorschach, kinda creepy but determined.

I personally didn't mind the slight changes they made to the story, but I did notice a few things missing here and there as well as the change to the end. Still, it was a very good. As the hubby says, "A thinking man's action film."

The fellow movie patrons were mostly adults though there were a few kids in there who probably shouldn't have been. I wouldn't let a kid under 13 see that movie, but whatever! And oh, these two little old ladies came in during the trailers and stayed for the whole thing. Trippy!

Oh yes, and the posters. The Rave was selling little hearts for charity. For two dollars you get this heart pin and a choice of two Watchmen posters. I let the hubby pick the Rorschach poster (though it was my second choice after the Comedian). Now, what t do with the posters?

the Comedian poster
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