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my dreams to night's dark refrain

shall I surrender
my dreams to night's dark refrain
rising to the stars

Maybe today's poetry
the first draft, as it were

I finished WATCHMEN! Now, I must watch the movie. I believe we're going tomorrow. :) I think I need to read it again sometime.

First off, LOST.

WOW! I loved all the island flashbacks. I wondered how Sawyer and the gang were going to blend in with the Dharma folks, etc. I seriously LOVED when he made that crack about "eyeliner guy" or whatever. LOL! And I personally found it supersweet that Juliet and Sawyer got some lovey dovey time together. Just a little peace in their crazy world. I want to know who the baby is! I want to know how they get back to their present time!!!

CSI -WOW! George Eads did a great job on this episode. Taylor Swift's little gig was all right. She didn't have much to do. I mostly loved how it was a Nicky heavy episode. Why do we only ever get little bits and pieces of how he feels? The end had me in tears. He was so good. Oh, and I now get a freakin' kick when he's the same scene as Mandy. If I think about it too much, I'm a Nick/Mandy shipper. lol! They should definitely hook up. ;)

Hmmm, I thought I had more to say.
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