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My last post from Salida...

Right now probably marks my last computer session here in the Central Valley. We're in the middle of packing but taking a quick break to replenish the energy cells. And instead of taking a nap, I'm on the computer. Groovy, eh?

Off the top, as it were...

I should love
your wandering ways
Adventure awaits
you laugh to me
But I want to stay
amongst the blooming trees
I should take your hand
before you flee from me
Your smiles
beckon me to see
The untold horizon
the unspoken words
ready to fall from your lips
Instead I wave
as you fly from me
Until we meet again
I whisper to the wind...

We got our keys today!

Yes, we haven't been packing ALL DAY. We woke up before 8am (I think) and started packing. Our realtor called at around 10am and said we recorded. Huzzah! But I had a phone call (pre-screening for a job thing) before we could leave. We packed the dogs into the truck, dropped them off at the in-laws, had a little Burger King lunch (our only meal so far today!), then off to OUR NEW HOUSE. :D

It was our first time walking in without our realtor. He handed us the keys and left us there. Most cool. OUR HOUSE. It's so pretty. It's neat seeing it all empty. I wonder what it will all look like with our furniture in it. LOL!

I am so tired right now. I wish I could just stop. But we still have the kitchen and the living room to do. Oh, and the bathrooms. I don't think we have enough tape. LOL!

I'll probably find a way to post my poetry the next couple of days but my next "real" post won't be until Monday or so. Will I survive? Or will I turn on my laptop and try to find someone's wireless connection? LOL!

Until then, my sweets! Have a most wonderful weekend and all of that. :D
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