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dismissing the spark

it was not easy
resisting the temptation
dismissing the spark

Top Three Annoying Visitors

  1. The Gumchomper - You know the one, the gum chewer who doesn't think it necessary to stop chomping while conducting business. Here's a thought-- if you can't be bothered to stifle the gum chewing for a moment while you're at my counter, then don't be surprised if I'm a little brisk with you.

  2. The Sunglasser - Sometimes you can tell when people are having eye problems by the kind of sunglasses they've donned or the way they behave. And then there's the Sunglasser, the one who wears sunglasses on cloudy days and doesn't bother to take them off nor explain a possible impairment. Do I assume you can't take them off? Are you going to think I'm rude if I don't look you in the eye when you've got your eyes hiding behind sunglasses? It's okay to say, "Oh, I've had eye surgery," or "My eyes are really sensitive to light at the moment." I'll understand. But don't get huffy if you think I'm being rude because I'm not looking at you in the eye.

  3. The Late-Comer - Okay, it might not be your fault that you're showing up two minutes before the office closes and your question will require ten minutes to resolve. Or maybe it's just bad timing that compelled you to arrive five minutes before my lunch break. The lunch break I can forgive, but the precious moments before the office closes, well, I'm not too sure about that. The time we close is the time we close. We're not a retail store that will handle your concerns even after closing time. No, once the clock hits closing time, I'm no longer being paid. And as such, you'll have to come back during business hours. Bye.

I'm not mean, am I?

To amuse myself, I posted this yesterday at my Typepad. It's a long winded way of acknowledging my fangirl interest in someone new. Who? Go read about it. lol!

Still working on reading this

I'm trying to finish Watchmen before the weekend. We're going to see Watchmen this weekend. I hope. ;)
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