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Time to start packing!

to the open wind
the sun's heat
beats merciless
against the skin
The air rushes
the dust flies
Nothing living
can long survive
Breathing slowly
time begins to crawl
Sweltering inside
sanity falls
Pray for release
call for the end
Pray for forgiveness
for your soul to mend

Today was oddly interesting. In the morning I took a test for Administrative Assistant - Confidential. Yes, that's the title of the position. The very first part was a typing test. I PASSED! 53 WPM with 3 errors. Thank goodness! If I had failed that, good bye Valerie for the rest of the test. LOL! The next part was spelling. I do believe I spelled everything correctly except for "judgement." I spelled it as such, but the proper way is "judgment?" I dunno, it looks funny to me. LOL! Ah well, one wrong isn't too bad, right? ;) After the spelling was the math/english/filing portion of the test. I don't think I did too badly on that either. LAST was the in-basket test. The scenario is that we are the administrative assistant to the superintendent and we have one hour to go through our in-box. Joyous. It was different and strange and I don't know how I did, but oh well! All in all, the test took 3 hours. Wowsers!

By then it was almost lunch time and we had lunch at Benihana for our co-worker's birthday. I love the hibachi style cooking. So fun to watch! :D

Then we went home.

Instead of moving on Sunday, we're moving Saturday. Which means I should be either sleeping right now or packing because any waking moments will be all about PACKING. And we're moving in the MORNING on Saturday. HOLY CRAP!

Yeah, should have started the packing during the week. We're so freakin' lazy. LOL!

I packed all the CDs and DVDs. We took a pizza break and never went back to packing. After this, I'm going to bed!

And a final note! I don't know when I'll be back online (although I will try to at least put my poem up everyday), so if you don't hear from me, that's why! :D

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