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WonderCon 2009

My goals for WonderCon 2009:

  1. Attend the Watchmen panel

  2. Attend the Star Trek panel

  3. Meet Felicia Day

Two out of three isn't bad, right? lol!

I'm not a "con-virgin." I've been to plenty of conventions in my day, but this one is HUGE. Seriously, I don't think I could take the San Diego ComicCon if it's bigger than WonderCon. I'd not last at all! So many people. I felt like I couldn't breathe from all the people around. Almost agoraphobic. Yikes! But even with the feeling of being a little too crowded and all of that, it was a neat experience and I will likely as not go again next year. ;)

We rode BART to San Francisco. It's been awhile since I've done the BART thing but it was fine. It's rather nice to just sit and listen to my Nano and watch the view. We managed to travel without incident and really, what more could you want? ;)

Happily waiting for the Bart
me happy at the platform

From the Powell St. stop, we walked to the Moscone Center, bought our tickets, walked around a little, then headed to the Esplanade Ballroom for the first panel, Watchmen. Here's where I confess that I have not yet read Watchmen. But I'm really looking forward to the movie! Oh, and confession two-- a lot of the appeal comes in the form of Jeffrey Dean Morgan. So there. But I do want to watch this movie and I plan on reading the graphic novel this week. Maybe even tomorrow.

Anyhoo, we had decent seats in the ballroom for the Watchmen panel and we sat patiently for it to begin.

WonderCon 2009
me with unsteady hands apparently

The panel was great. We got to watch about the first 20 minutes of the movie and I was totally hooked. I would have probably been even more so if I were in an actual movie theatre and could see the screen better. lol! Zack Snyder is so funny and fantastic. And the actors were great! And yes, Jeffrey Dean Morgan was lovely. I can see why someone refers to him as Future Hubby. lol!

I mean, look at that smile! And he was so funny.

I wish my pictures turned out better, but here are a couple from the Watchmen panel.

WonderCon 2009
WonderCon 2009
WonderCon 2009
WonderCon 2009
WonderCon 2009

After the awesome Watchmen panel, we headed out to the floor. Holy moly, it was super crowded! I cannot seriously remember ever attending an event that was so freakin' crowded. We were hoping to catch Felicia Day (she of the awesome Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and The Guild) and were not prepared for how crowded her section was! She was signing at the Browncoats booth and the line was long and you could hardly move around there. So we thought about coming back for her four o'clock signing, but alas, we did not stay that long.

Instead of fighting our way to Felicia, we walked around for a bit before the Star Trek panel. We saw many things. I took a picture of a few of those things.

WonderCon 2009
WonderCon 2009

WonderCon 2009
the lovely Jasika Nicole from Fringe

WonderCon 2009
this sign made me laugh

We headed back to the Esplanade Ballroom for the Star Trek panel. The Alien Trespass panel was still going on and I remembered that Eric McCormack was part of it! During the Q&A, someone actually called him Will. ::sigh::

WonderCon 2009

They also showed the trailer for Alien Trespass. Looks a little cheesey, but it could be good. ;)

It was finally time for the Star Trek panel. And they ended up starting late. Oh, I was a bit on the edge of my seat because I wasn't sure who would be the "surprise guest." I was hoping for Karl Urban but figured it would have to be J.J. Abrams or Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto combined.

J.J. Abrams was introduced. He took the microphone and started talking. He showed us the AWESOME and ROCKIN' trailer. It totally took my breath away. And yes, I say this because I'm a freakin' Star Trek fan. But seriously, I was so struck by the trailer. It's lovely and new and wonderful. I can only hope the movie lives up to this breathless feeling.

It ended up being a full panel for Star Trek! Joining J.J. Abrams were producer Bryan Burk, writer Roberto Orci, and cast members Zoe Saldana, Chris Pine, and Zachary Quinto.

WonderCon 2009

They took questions and answered well. Highlights for me...

  • Zachary Quinto's answer regarding his take on Spock and whether he watched the original series to get a feel for the character. He actually worked with Leonard Nimoy and learned from him.

  • The props given to the extras. :)

  • The blend of people who were big Star Trek fans and who were not in the production.

  • J.J. Abrams' story about Fringe and how people didn't blink an eye about the pilot episode in which the main character was sharing consciousness with her unconscious partner who was turning invisible. No, no one said anything about that. Instead, they couldn't believe that Harvard had an extra lab. It was funny the way he told it, believe me. ;)

I really enjoyed the Star Trek panel and I cannot wait to see the movie!

We left just before the panel ended to avoid the huge crowd going out. We thought about waiting for Felicia Day's next signing at 4pm, but eventually decided that getting something to eat would probably be better since we hadn't eaten yet.

And that was WonderCon 2009 for me! :)

WonderCon 2009
WonderCon 2009
So many people...

Oh, and more pictures and videos can be found here.
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