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you're not the reason

you're not the reason
the unbidden tears fall
silent, almost thoughtless
unchecked by pride
you're not the reason
this heart cracked
forgetting to beat
stilled by wrenching denial
you're not the reason
time is meaningless
tomorrow unreachable
now the only way of being
you're not the reason
the rage simmers
burning hot and bright
offering ill gotten satisfaction
you're not the reason

My bangs are uneven and part of me cares very much

It's Wednesday and that means LOST!!! Yes, I like that show very much and I want to know everything now. But I'll wait. LOL!

Ohhhhh, WonderCon is this weekend. We're *probably* going on Saturday. I want to see the WATCHMEN thing and the STAR TREK thing. This is my first WonderCon. I'm excited! I want to meet Felicia Day since I finally watched The Guild this past weekend. Funny stuff! I hope I meet her!!! :D

Time to do my nails. ;)
Tags: poetry, wondercon
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