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does it please you

does it please you
when I tease you
if you taunt me
does it mean you want me
I know you feel it
you can't conceal it
the shiver down your spine
that quiver means you're mine
so now I know I please you
even when I tease you
you don't need to say you want me
I feel it in the way you flaunt me
we don't need a sign
I am yours and you are mine

I merely felt like rhyming. ;)

I really enjoyed the musical numbers. Hugh Jackman was FANTASTIC! And I didn't realize that Anne Hathaway could sing. LOL! Seriously, I LOVED the musical bits. And I liked the way they presented the awards. Maybe not so much the actors ones. It seemed a little awkward watching the past winners talk about the nominees. Maybe it was just me.

I cried when Heath Ledger's family accepted his award. I was suddenly taken by the utter injustice of his abrupt departure from our world. He had so much more to give. And I think that's why I cried just a bit.

Oh, and I totally sucked at guessing who would win. Oh well! I'll do better next year. lol!

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