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Bought Doom today! :D

I am a sucker for Karl Urban. Ever since the first time we met (see user icon), I have just had a soft spot for him. It's like the Ryan Gosling thing, only deeper. LOL! I think it has to do with the fact that I've felt his lips upon my cheek. Oh yes.

As such, we bought one DVD today and it was DOOM. And we watched it this evening. I liked it! Bloody and such, but Karl was great in it! :D I especially liked when he was kick-ass. Wowsers!

We had our walk-thru today. It was great looking around at the house, trying to picture our stuff inside. The bedrooms are small, I think smaller than our current bedrooms. The master bedroom is larger, as is the master bathroom. A good thing, I suppose. Someday soon, we are definitely tearing the carpet out. Ye gods! ;)

And today's poetry goes like this:

I have lied
to protect myself
I have cried
to cover the truth
I have dreamed
to escape my world
I have lost
to the surety of time
I have given
to appease my conscience
I have taken
to feed my greed
I have chosen
to live this life
I have vowed
to break no promises
I have called
to a higher power
I have listened
to my inner heart
I have spoken
to attain no answer
I have paused
to observe the world
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