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Blackberry Storm

I've had the Blackberry Storm for a few days now and thought I'd share my first impressions. :)

  • The screen is sooo beautiful! I confess, I've missed having a full usuable screen since those long ago iPhone days. Well, the Storm's screen is gorgeous and so easy on the eyes. Pictures look so pretty and video looks great. I've transferred some short videos and they have played rather nicely on the Storm.

  • The "touch" part of the touch-screen is something I'm still getting used to. I find that I have to press harder around the corners and it doesn't register my action as well as it should. But I think as I acclimate myself to this new thing, it'll work better for me. I hope. ;)

  • The camera... Well, it's nice that it's 3.2 megapixel. And the images are actually rather nice. But why does it take so long to take pictures, especially if the flash is needed? It's a little frustrating, but as I said, the pictures turn out rather nicely.

  • Battery life... Right now it's freakin' horrible. Maybe it's because I'm playing around with the different features and whatnot, but I would still expect it to give me 50% before 5pm. Right now it's not. And I hope it's just because it's new and I'm fooling around with it. Otherwise, ugh!

  • Internet... Ahhh, surfing the internet on the EV-DO Rev. A network totally ROCKS! Yes, wouldn't it be nice if it had wi-fi, but if you're in good coverage (as I am) the experience is very nice indeed and you don't need the wi-fi. And on the pretty screen it's even nicer.

  • Messaging... Blackberry email is like no other and I will always love it to bits. It's not different on the Storm. Messages come in as they should and send out as they should. Oh, and because of the aforementioned EV-DO Rev. A network, sending a photo to Flickr (I like doing it email style as opposed to the application) is so very quick and easy. Very awesome!

I know I will enjoy this phone, especially if the battery issue is a temporary one. ;) I suppose I will have to bring a charger to work, but I can hang with that for now. I know it's not the phone for everyone, but for a non-business user like me, it's a great fit.

And here are some pictures I've taken so far with the Storm:

the bobbles are always good for reference

a strange one of me

dogs on the couch


If you'd like a more technical review, check out CNET's review of the Blackberry Storm.
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