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And so baseball begins...

  We watched the A's and the Giants in their last pre-season game this afternoon.  It ended up a tie, which probably annoyed the Giants fans but was fine with me.  It was a decent game, I suppose.  Looked a bit chilly!

  The first official game on American soil was between the Baltimore Orioles and the Boston Red Sox.  The Orioles won!  Woohoo!  Miguel Tejada, formerly of the A's, went 2-4.  Such a glorious thing.  I wish him well, though I will miss him as an Athletic.  Such is the game...

In between all the baseball, we watched Bad Boys 2.  I liked it!  Lots of action.  We also saw the end of What a Girl Wants and now I want to see the whole thing!  Colin Firth is the father in the movie!  I love Colin Firth.  Ever since Pride and Prejudice.  Ahhh, Mr. Darcy.

I suppose I should start looking for employment soon.  I like the feeling of freedom right now.  But I do need to decide what exactly I want to do...

I want to write.  This is my chance to really sit down and do it.  But will I take advantage of all the time I have now?

My friend is online!  Let's see, think he'll respond to my hello?  I'll go with no.  Ponder 

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