Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

Super Bowl Sunday

Well, I know at least one person who's happy that the Steelers won. LOL! The game wasn't too exciting. The Seahawks got some crap penalties. Oh well for them! :P (I'm also glad that the Steelers won. LOL!)

And now I'm actually watching Grey's Anatomy. Wow, good show! I can see why it's so popular... Oh crap, is that how they're ending it?! NOOOOOOOO!

At the request of paulam569, I have conjured up the following:
The hunter in him
finds the darkness around
Demons and monsters beware
The fighter in him
survives the unnatural
Nightmares cannot hold him
The protector in him
plays brother and son
Doubts never cloud his mind

But the lover in him
hides behind bravado
Secrets are his shield
The lover in him
stirs the fire inside
Desire hungers to emerge
The lover in him
aches for release
Passion simmers beneath
The heart in him
beats in time
Anticipation pushes him forward
The love in him
breathes sweetly
Patience soothes his resolve

So the man in him
strides with determination
Life counts in each step
The man in him
gazes forward to the next
Challenges spur him on
And the soul in him
waits with certainty
Destiny will reward him
Tags: poetry
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