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ahhh, long weekends

I am having a wonderful time on Facebook. It's great finding all these old classmates from elementary and high school. Sometimes I get suggestions from my friends and I don't recognize the names. One of the weird things. I have gotten some surprising friend requests. I don't mind those at all. It's kind nice. :)

One of my friends had a baby this past week! Since this isn't a friends-locked post, I won't mention the friend. ;) But I am happy for him. Love the couple of photos I've seen so far. Adorable!

I'ts been a long while since I've acquired new music. Last night and today I've been beefing up my musical collection. And since I've added so much, I had to plug in my iPods. I haven't synced my iPods since I've switched computers. I've pretty much lost most of my playlists (but not the music itself). In a strange way, it's liberating to start anew as far as playlists and such. And with the Genius feature on iTunes, I almost don't have to create my own playlists. It's nice. :)

I'm going to start dinner in a little bit. But here are some pictures of lunch. (From Digger's Diner)

from Digger's Diner from Digger's Diner
from Digger's Diner
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