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curious into the chaos

separate from destiny
moving against the tide
veering and twisting
just out of fate's reach
fighting against despair
the inevitable waits
patient and resigned
almost admiring the struggle
almost ready to let go
curious into the chaos

I want to find my old photo albums and scan old pictures to put up at my Facebook. One of my friends has been steadily adding old elementary class pictures and I want to do the same. lol! But I have no idea where my albums are. Somewhere in the garage, I suppose.

when I was taller than my sister

lunch at Lumpy's

Our quest to find a good burger joint brought us to Lumpy's for lunch. It's along the same vein as Digger's Diner, right down to the decor. It was much more crowded, which is probably attributed to their location. And the food was good!

Once again, I went for the California Burger sans tomatoes and pickles. We ordered regular fries and went without the shake.


The burger was rightly cooked and tasty. The fries weren't greasy at all.

They do have a gimmick there at Lumpy's, a food challenge in the Dog Pounder. It's $24.95 (or thereabouts). I was surprised to see one, then another come out to the same table. And of course, I couldn't resist taking a picture of it.

dog pounder
taking a picture of him taking a picture of his huge burger

dog pounder
he's perhaps sending proof of his meal...

Whe we left, they were maybe halfway through their burger? Maybe a third. ;)
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