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Before waking Monday - I dreamt that I was visiting my cousins at their old house in San Francisco. They had re-done the inside and it looked nothing like it did when they actually lived in the house. I remember thinking that I was going to look up their address on Google Maps so that I could see their house from the sky.

Before waking today - I dreamt that I took a shotgun away from this gangster dude and I kept shooting him to try to kill him because he was a bad man. The shotgun was more like a telescope that shot bullets. I could see the bullets in slow motion. The first one didn't hit him, but the rest of them did. I ran off because I figured he was down and wouldn't go after me. I needed a car and this other guy showed me his father's cars and I took the old one... Then the dream switched to me looking for a large envelope in a garage where all the stuff had been moved around. I couldn't find the box with the envelopes!

And those were my latest dreams...
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