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The George Strait Concert

Last night we headed out to Fresno (yes, Fresno) to the SaveMart Center to watch George Strait in concert. Opening for him were Miss Miranda Lambert and Mr. Tracy Lawrence. A lovely night and a very cool concert. :D It was GREAT seeing George Strait in concert again. :) And we had fantastic seats.

MIRANDA LAMBERT - the 2nd runner up from the first season of Nashville Star had a fantastic gig. She has a strong voice and a lively presence on stage. She rocks and she's so cute! :) She likes having the guitar in front of herself though. It's like a shield for her. LOL! She did a great job on all her songs and I enjoyed "Kerosene" best. :D

TRACY LAWRENCE - I'm going to confess that I didn't care about seeing him but he really surprised me on stage. He had a great set too! He had a good mix of old and new stuff and I was happy to realize that I enjoyed his new stuff. LOL! I almost cried after "If I Don't Make It Back." I had heard it on the radio but didn't exactly know the story of the song, so it was a bit heartwrenching to hear live knowing what it meant. Good song. :)

GEORGE STRAIT - the man of the night. I thought he was livelier on stage this time but the hubby thought that he didn't have his vocal chops this time around. Sounded like he was fighting a cold or something. But I thought he sounded fine. I was a bit naughty and did quick clips of all his songs. LOL! I should have done at least one song all the way through because the clips turned out rather nice. LOL! Oh well. I wanted a record of his playlist but I ended up taking a picture of this at the end of the show:

All in all, a very good night! My favorite George songs? Ummm, all of them! But I really enjoyed "The Seashores of Old Mexico" and "Desperately." Oh, and "Cowboys Like Us." :D

I also enjoyed the hours of people watching. Wow, country concerts. I was one of three Asians spotted by the hubby. ;) Talk about being a minority. I know, it's probably not a usual thing for a non-Karaoke Filipina to like country music, eh? LOL! I did see a woman with BIG hair (back in the 80s country scene), lots of young wannabe cowboy boys, three "Plastics" who walked by with footsteps in sync, lots of country styled hoochie girls, one lady wearing a lacy black bustier thing that threated to fall if she lifted her arms too high, drunk people, at least three different pregnant ladies, and arena "security" who took their jobs much too seriously. All in all, intersting!

Oh, and poetry time! Let's try off the top...

He stands in silhouette
the sun setting behind
He stands alone
no one in sight
He waits almost stopped
frozen in his tracks
He waits without a sound
weariness in his back
He breathes in
the dying day
He breathes out
the coming night
He holds his heart
in check
He holds his secrets
inside tight
He moves forward
his footsteps slow
He moves on
ready to go
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