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winter still rules now

the warm sun retreats
the wind blows a reminder
winter still rules now

Our day driving started out like this:


But on our way home, it was more like this:

driving home

I tell ya, this weather is odd at times, don't you agree?

My parents have been married for 39 years. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM & DAD!!! They took us out for lunch (yeah, don't ask). We went to the Olive Garden. Ready for some food shots?

peach iced tea calamari
salad manicotti

Not too bad. ;) The peach tea was yummy! The calamari was delicious. My main entree, manicotti, was pretty good.

Dayton Elementary
my elementary school

We drove by my old elementary school. A couple of years after I left, they turned it into a private school then a few years later it became Dayton again. So weird. I was a junior secretary my last year there. LOL!

stopped at Manor
more blue skies in San Leandro

The weekends go by much too quickly if you ask me...
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