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Glad the day is almost over...

He's no good
those twinkling eyes
the teasing smile
Temptation dripping
from every word
He's so good
his inviting hand
a sweet touch
Innocence in his actions
opposite his intentions
He'll take you high
make the world disappear
with a whisper
then a kiss
a proposition
you won't resist
He'll take you
hard and quick
soft and slow
shattering your definition
of pleasure
leaving you wanting
so much more
He'll steal your breath
with the steady beat
of his heart
He'll keep your soul
with the promise
of forever
And you will fall
so willingly
beneath his spell
You will surrender
without a thought
Trust him
and then he'll know
You are his completely...

We signed our docs today!!! But we won't get our keys until next Friday. I can't wait! I don't want to pack. I just want to move!

I'm so behind on emails. Sorry friends! :P Tomorrow, I think. I hope. ;)
Tags: poetry
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