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whatever you say now

whatever you say now
maybe I'll believe
hold the conviction close
let inspiration fly

I wasn't sure if I would be able to watch President Obama take oath, but I should not have fret. The tv in the board room was switched on and most of us in the office sat down to watch him take oath, then give his speech.

If you know me, you know I'm not politically minded. But this moment was not political. It was historical. No matter your political preference or beliefs, this was a moment some thought would never happen. As for me, I never really wondered *if* it would happen. I only wondered *when* it would happen.

In these highly patriotic moments, I get oddly emotional. Watching the President speak, I let myself believe the conviction in his words, the passion of his ideas, the appeal of his call to all of us. I just wonder, will my fellow citizens take to heart the essence of his words? Will we choose hope over fear? Or will his words fade into history as the world marches on to its own beat?

We sat in the board room and listened to this man, our new president. We didn't say anything, we just soaked in the moment.

Now, I don't have the emotional stake in this whole thing. I'm not one of those people who hail President Obama as some sort of savior. He's a man elected to do his job and I wish him well in it. I know that I certainly couldn't do it! And eventually people will have their complaints and their issues with him, just as they did with the previous president. As for me, I won't complain. I'll observe. I'll hope for the best. I'll keep to the middle. It's just my way.
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