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I'm not what you see
you think you know
but you don't
I'm nothing of beauty
despite the laughter
each smile is a lie
each touch a betrayal
I'm not what you believe
nothing pure
nothing true
drips from my lips
each word a promise
ready to break
each temptation
leading to tears unforgiven
I'm not the one you seek
I won't give you forever
only a moment
to keep buried inside
the deepest of secrets
the yearning ever flowing
the answer always no

Stolen from _chica02
what is your favorite team?: Oakland Athletics
other teams that you don't hate/root for: St. Louis Cardinals
who is your favorite player (current) and why?: Mark Mulder-- because he smooth on the mound and makes me ache when he's in motion
what is your least favorite team?: any team playing the A's or Cards (LOL!)
who is your least favorite player and why?: Barry Bonds... He brings no joy to the game and he acts like people owe him. I just don't like anything about him.
what is your favorite baseball moment that you've witnessed?: The 20th game in a row won by the Oakland A's. It was a roller coaster ride of a game. We went from ultra high to oh so low only to pull it out and win. Ye freakin' gods!
how many baseball games have you been to live?: Too many to count!
mlb stadiums that you've been to: Oakland Coliseum, Candlestick Park, Pacific Bell Park (or whatever the hell they're calling it now!), Turner Field, Camden Yards
what baseball stat do you think is most overrated?: I'll go with homeruns. They can win games, but they don't mean a thing unless the game is won. :P
what do you think about steroid use?: It's illegal and unlawful. But there are worse things that the players could be doing. If they want to have smaller reproductive organs, etc, that is so their business. But if they're caught, confess! Be a man. Even if you do have a small peepee. Otherwise, treat your body like the temple it is and work it out naturally. If you've got the ability, the stats will follow.
predictions for 2006? A's against Cardinals, A's in six. Mulder wins one of the games because I'll be cheering for him. (The only time I'll cheer against the A's.) And that prediction is WISHFUL THINKING. But wouldn't it rock if it happened?! LOL!

Supernatural ep "Route 666"

I love Supernatural. I love Jensen Ackles. And freakin' Jared Padalecki is growing on me. LOL! This ep added some depth to Mr. Dean Winchester and it's most welcome! I'm personally glad to see that he's more than a chaser, etc. He has actually loved and lost. I LOVED Sam's little brother smirks while watching Dean and Cassie. So observant he was. LOL!

Oh, HOT SCENE between Dean and Cassie. All I can say is ::THUD::. Yeah, that about says it. ;)
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