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For some reason I'm horrible about sitting down and watching movies. Not sure why. But I did this weekend. Yah for me! My inexpert reviews follow. ;)

WANTED - ROCKIN'! I really liked this one. So glad I watched it. James McAvoy did a great job first being pathetic then not. LOL! And Angelina Jolie was very cool in this movie. I just like when she's kick ass. Actually, I just like her. The movie was really good. I love the shoot 'em up, fast driving, kicking ass kind of movies. Yah! This one will definitely be one to own someday. I'd watch it again. Oh, and I'm glad I watched in on Blu-ray. Don't let anyone tell you that there isn't a difference between standard definition and high definition.

TAKEN - When I see the previews, I think, that movie must have a bit more quality in it if Liam Neeson stars in it. It's weird seeing Maggie Grace play a teenager, but she did a good job of it, very ditzy like. I wasn't exactly sure what to make of Liam Neeson's accent, but it that was more a personal thing on my part. Otherwise, he was good. There were some "duh" parts in the movie (umm, like don't talk to strangers, etc). Another kick ass movie that I'm glad I watched. But sometimes I just like when people get their asses kicked. ;) The movie is pretty violent, but I didn't mind. Worth the price of a movie ticket when it comes out? I suppose if you like that kind of stuff.

let's go to the movies!

And today's movie was MY BLOODY VALENTINE.

let's go to the movies!

MY BLOODY VALENTINE - It's a horror flick with lots of blood, a little bit of sex, a decent twist at the end, and Jensen Ackles. Here's where I confess I wanted to see the movie because of Jensen. It's true, I wanted to see this horror movie because of Jensen Ackles. Satisfied? Let's just say that it was at least better than Jensen's other movie from a couple of years ago, DEVOUR. I couldn't stop thinking that Jensen looked very Dean Winchester most of the time in this movie. He did get to play a good range of emotions and was quite believable through all of them. The other actors were decent enough. What I really appreciated (besides Mr. Ackles) were the effects. I've never watched a movie all the way through with the 3D glasses on. I think having the glasses on the whole movie kept me from getting nauseous. The effects were great.

let's go to the movies!
what's really scary is my expression on this shot

I couldn't take any shots since the whole movie was in 3-D. Oh well! lol!

Now would I have seen this movie if Jensen had not been in it? Probably not, sorry to say. Just not my usual kind of movie. Still, I'm glad I saw it and glad that we got to use our gift certificates. Oh, and the most interesting preview we saw was Crank 2. And okay, Friday the 13th. Jared!

love leaves me lonely
forlorn and hopeless in this
waiting forever

This has been a nice three day weekend. I know I'll wish it was longer as soon as it's time for bed. ;)
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