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For Breelyn

For Breelyn

how sweet are you now
laughing with delight
reflecting in your eyes
dreams so new and bright

savor every moment now
this is my wish for you
hold love fast in your heart
take each morning as adventure anew

find beauty in every day
let your dreams fly the night
laugh after the tears
and know you'll always find the light

what is a red egg & ginger party?

Today was Breelyn's Red Egg & Ginger Party. (Explanation above.) It was fun! Lots of people. And lots of food! Mmmm. :)

red egg & ginger party
me and the party girl

I LOVED Breelyn's outfit. So cute! And green. She had a bracelet on each wrist and necklaces. :)

the food on our table

red egg & ginger party
the guestbook

red egg & ginger party
one of the cakes

Yes, there were two cakes. Two big cakes.

red egg & ginger party
the tables before the guests arrived

Just some of the tables. We were table 9 but I think the tables ran into the 20s? LOL!

red egg & ginger party red egg & ginger party
red egg & ginger party red egg & ginger party

It was great to see everyone. I always love getting together with family. And I just love the babies! :)
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