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Lure me with that promise...

Take me
Start with a look
the twinkle in your eyes
Smile that sweet slow smile
lure me with that promise
Offer your hand
lead me away
with you alone

Take me
Beneath sunshine warm on the skin
the air light and fresh
the skies blue and bright

Take me
Beneath the glow of moonlight
the air cool and heavy
the skies dark with twinkling stars

Take me with you
skin against skin
lips against lips
tongues tasting sweat
and heat and release

Take me with you
hands on the body
mouths sharing breath
whispers simmering between
each beat of each heart

Come with me
closer until we're one
deeper inside
until we've melted together
higher until each breath
brings the harshest
of pleasures

Come with me
down to a delicious slumber
as we share the same dream
bodies entwined
the air around us
gentle once more

I'm feeling better but my ears are still plugged at time. Sucks!

We met with the realtor today and removed contingencies. Hopefully everything will be finished by the 10th. It would be so nice to move next week! :D When we got home today, the "for sale" sign was up. Yikes! It's all going so fast! :D

I've noticed there's more light in the morning...
Tags: poetry
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