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don't say a thing

don't say a thing
just keep an eye
watch and listen
remember it all
don't say a thing
pretend indifference
lock away your thoughts
save them until later
don't say a thing
believe it doesn't matter
expression so still
eyes merely a reflection
just don't say a thing
now is not the time
soon you'll your way
wait for the sign

We decided to go to the mall yesterday. I wanted some hair stuff and some lotion, so to Concord we traveled!

on hwy 4
along hwy 4

It's a little gross watching all that stuff go up in the air, eh? Contribute much to the pollution? I'd say so!

on hwy 4
empty road ahead!

Twas actually a decent drive once the freeway opened up in Pittsburg. It's not really a long drive when the freeway isn't locked up.

on hwy 4

I don't find it a very scenic drive, however.

on hwy 4

Once at the mall, I fiddled with the Samsung Omnia and Blackberry Storm. Even though it'll be awhile before I upgrade my phone, I'm finding myself a bit torn between the two devices. I should have taken pictures. LOL! Both are light in hand and very pretty. I'm quite drawn to the Omnia because of the 5MP camera and the more positive reviews. But I just don't really see myself giving up my Blackberry addiction any time soon. So who knows!

lunch at red robin lunch at red robin

Lunch was DELICIOUS, of course! We were going to go to Fuddruckers, but Red Robin is right in the mall.

We were home in time for the football games. I tried to be interested in the outcomes, but I don't really have a stake in any of the teams. The husband is predicting an all Pennsylvania Super Bowl, so we'll see how that all goes. ;)

We watched GRINDHOUSE last night, saw meeshiek's name in the credits. Yah! The movies were crazy violent but actually fun to watch. Is it okay to say that? LOL! I don't mind that kind of stuff. Some gory stuff though. Yikes!
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