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polaroid fun

So yes, I'm having fun with the polaroid program.

ryan goslingwith ryan
ahhhh, ryan!

with kevin & dan
with kevin rose & dan huard

I have a love/hate thing for the above picture. On the one hand, I hate it because I look chunky. On the other hand, I'm in a picture with Kevin Rose! It's like a total geekgirl moment for me. LOL!

jordan knight
can you guess who this is?

My one moment of regret-- not going up to this guy and saying HEY! But you know, I wanted to be a mature gal and not a drooling fanchick. Darn it!

with kevin

I just love the way the polaroid program colors and crops. It finds the right place to focus. Tis pretty neat. :)

with greg

Okay, I'll stop now. ;)
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