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Dreams of boys...

our lips touched sweet
so soft
a moment complete
our two hearts beat
one note
a miraculous feat
our hands held tight
a feeling so right
our eyes saw light
so warm
a reflection bright
And once
our time slipped away
set adrift
such a dreary day
our souls split and sway
without a word to say

I had a few strange dreams last night. I think it was a combination of my stuffy nose, sore throat and the fact that I watched a bit of Casino last night. LOL!

I went to a party at someone's ritzy house and Tom Hanks was there doing a signing for his book. (What book? I have no idea!) Sitting next to him was his assistant, a fella I knew back in my Festival Cinemas days! I kept asking, "Is that [fella I knew back in my Festival Cinemas days]?" And the answer was yes. Well, they left before I could corner him (I was going to get him to get me Tom Hanks' autograph). Bah!

I guess I was there with Greg Lee. And we either also there with or met up with Jensen Ackles. Whatever it was, I didn't have my camera, so I was trying to find someone to take a picture of me with the two of them. I think someone did take a picture of us. I can remember having my arm around one of them. It was such a weird dream!!! ;)

And because of this darn cold, I didn't feel like going to Fan Fest. Darn it! Oh well, next year. :P I think I've missed the last three Fan Fests or something. :(
Tags: poetry
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