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spending time with family

Yesterday I hung out with my family at my cousin's house. :)

with alina
me with alina

Yes, I held the babies while I was there. I can't help it! They're so gosh darn cute! :)

after christmas get-together
me with breelyn

After I took a picture with Breelyn, I'd show her the picture on the camera and she would lean forward to look at it. So cute! LOL!

after christmas get-together
group shot!

I used the timer setting on my camera, but I think I had the macro on, which makes the picture look a little off when viewing larger. Ooops! I need more practice with my cameras, eh?

mmm, food! mmmm, root beer!
food & drink

Homemade root beer. Goodness, it's DELICIOUS! I told my cousin's husband that I think that's all I want to drink when I go over there. It's freakin' good! :)

food! food!
i'm hungry just looking at this stuff!

after christmas get-together
group shot

My dad took the above picture. ;) I should have had him use my dSLR. LOL!

after christmas get-together
my parents with alina

alina with auntie sheilah
my sister with alina

My sister is in town! :) She held the babies too, of course.

breelyn and auntie sheilah
my sister with breelyn

I don't think I took a picture with just my sister last night. What the heck?!

after christmas get-together

Defying the shirt. LOL!

after christmas get-together
holding hands with breelyn

after christmas get-together
me with the girls
christine & kevin
hanging out
after christmas get-together
after christmas get-together
alina breelyn
after christmas get-together

I had a great time all the way around even though my parents wanted to leave earlier than I expected. Ah well. :)
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