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Stay away from me
don't touch my dreams
I can't take it anymore
You haunt me
so relentless
so certain
I will fall beneath your spell
Don't say a word
stay far back
I don't want to want you
The way you beckon
with just a look
with just a smile
I quell the flutter in my heart
Cry for me
don't let the tears fall
I will walk away
without looking back
without a whisper
Then you will know my pain

The other day I was thinking of Kevin Smith ("Ares") and a poem typed itself out. I'll post it in February, but the point is this-- I can't remember if I thought of him out of the blue or if I dreamt of him and so thought of him and then wrote the poem. :P While home today (not feeling too hot-- the throat is sore and the nose wants to be stuffed), I was flipping through the channels and stopped on LOGO because Xena was on. Lucky me, it was an early Ares ep, "The Ties that Bind." I can watch Kevin now and not feel that utter sadness. Is that strange? I feel as though time freezes and I'm back in those wonderful days of loving the men of Xena and Hercules. And I still love the men of Xena and Hercules. LOL!

Speaking of, I watched a bit of the Chronicles of Riddick. Most people probably say to themselves, "Oh, Vin Diesel." Me, I say, "KARL!!!" I love the Karl Urban. I always smile when I see him on the big screen and such. I would love to see him in person again. He could be part of my dream Xena convention. ;) And what is my Dream Xena Convention? Oh, one whole day of the three day convention featuring the fellas-- The Men of Xena. Erik Thomson, William Gregory Lee, Karl Urban, Patrick Fabian, Marton Csokas, Bruce Campbell, Ted Raimi, etc. Wouldn't that just rock?! Well, for me it would. :D

The latest Supernatural promo is hot! (Aren't they all?) And that's where the new user icon comes from. Rarr. One of these days, I'll learn to be more stylish. LOL! I can't wait to see the ep (Route 666). Looks like Dean is getting some lovin' or something. ;)

After the hubby left for work, I tried to take a nap and I dreamt that he came back home. It was so weird! I have freaky dreams when I don't feel good. :P

As for today's poem, I have no idea where it came from. You know, a lot of my poems are like that. Odd, eh? Inspiration can come from outside your realm of reality. Does that make sense? LOL!

Time for bed.
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