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lowkey christmas eve

I'm trying not to be a negative nellie, but I'm kinda feeling down right now. I know this time of year is supposed to be about peace and love and all of that. And I'm all for it. I just feel so separated from my family and the things we used to do this time of year. Alas. It doesn't help that I didn't get to send any cards out. It doesn't help that I didn't get to go shopping for gifts. It doesn't help that I didn't get to wrap any presents.

And then today we went to WalMart. I'm not a big fan of that place. Actually, I hate it with an unreasonable passion. But we had to go there because we had to get a couple of things. We weren't even there for five minutes. But I still managed to get annoyed! It's horrible. 1) WalMart doesn't take credit cards for gift certificates. What kind of ass backwards thing is that? Okay, I can rationalize it, but if the person is using their check card, it's just like CASH you idiots! So because they have this "rule," we have to incur fees? Whatever! 2) We were walking out of the place through the appropriately marked EXIT and someone was trying to walk in. Hello, you look like you can read, so why are you ENTERING through the EXIT?

I'm never going in there again. I'd rather stay in the car. Screw WalMart.

Now let's be a little less down. :)

Cold and gray
it's cold and gray and rainy

I don't mind the weather like this when I don't have to go anywhere. We were only out and about for a bit. Today is my Grandfather's birthday, so we visited the cemetary. The husband had never been there and it was the first time I'd gone without my parents.

Visiting my grandfather

I was almost twenty when he died. It seems like so long ago and then again not. I loved Christmas Eve because it meant that my family got together to celebrate his birthday. And we'd stay up late and open presents and eat lots of food. I miss those times.

I'm glad I got to do something a bit family-oriented today even if it was going to the cemetary. After all, it's his birthday and it's Christmas.
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