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Lovely winter sunshine

She's drifting away
fighting to keep her heart in place
She knows he cares
without a single word from him
But her soul needs
to hear the mere breath of it

She thinks it's enough
wrapped in his arms
his heart beating steady
against hers
She thinks she'll survive
with just his smile
and his touch
She thinks she can keep
the small doubt at bay
Being together
must be enough

But what if she's just time
he's passing for now
What if he leaves
with her heart in his hand
She needs to know
She wants to hear
even a hint of his love

But he does nothing
just the same everyday
And inside she cries
as her heart slowly turns away

Everything is still zooming along.  We got our appraisal today.  Rockin'!  :D

The new version of WordPress has an EASY way to import Blogger stuff.  When I transferred everything to Moonlit Jazz back in April, I had to do it some weird, long-ass way.  Now I can just log in, choose the blogger blog, and ta-da, it's all transferred to the new blog.  I've already transferred my Greg blog over (it's actually just the updates page) and my next project is my Ryan one.  ;)  I'm probably going to transfer my Ryan site to because I'm not sure how long I'm going to keep my webhost.  They mostly suck.  LOL!

Today's poem is the reflection of yesterday's poem.  It's the second time I've done a "reflection" thing because I want to showcase both points of view.  :)  But really, most of this stuff is off the top.  Not too bad, eh?  :D

paulam569 is teasing us with some Supernatural fanfiction.  No fair!  Now I want to write one.  Very heavy on the Dean, of course, but Sam, oh dear Sam would like some attention as well.  And for some reason I want to give it to him.  LOL!
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