Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

you'll get yours in the end

you'll get yours in the end
every bitter bit you dished
while savoring sweets undeserved
getting everything you wished
you'll get yours in the end
every sorry lie you told
while reveling beneath the sunshine
the very heart of you so cold
you'll get yours in the end
every promise that you shattered
while you feasted on despair
smiling as if nothing mattered
you'll get yours in the end
every drop of desperation you spread
while mocking obligation and good
the darkness of your soul duly fed

It's Monday and I'm at home.  Life is good!  LOL!

TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD - I haven't watched this movie since perhaps high school?  It's still as good as I remembered.  Classic.  Of course, now I want to read the book just to see if my prior assessment still holds-- both the book and the film are good in their own ways.

THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL - Interesting movie.  Not sure if I want to see the modern take, as I've heard they've changed some things.  The original was definitely political and yet still manages to hold up to our times.  Scary?  lol!
Tags: poetry
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